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Presented the Annual Training Plan for Women in the town of Sewell (27/04/2009)

In the morning there was presented at the plenary hall of the City of Sewell, the Annual Training Plan for Women, attended the Mayor of Sewell, Lazarus Mellado Sanchez, general director of the Institute of Women of the Region Murcia, Teresa Moreno and the Deputy Mayor for Social Services, Health, Seniors, Women and Migration, Mónica García.

Over one thousand five hundred women will have access to activities and workshops that will develop in the same, with a budget of over € 50,000.

The mayor of Sewell, Lazarus Mellado, appreciated the effort and work done since the council of the area of Women, along with the Institute of Women of the Region of Murcia, in enabling more than one thousand five hundred women to join this ambitious project core activities and workshops for training of women.

Therefore, twelve months, twelve songs and activities to try, the month of May is the month of employment, and so on: June environment; July of rest, relaxation and meditation; August leisure, September of new technologies, October volunteerism and social action in November against violence and human rights December, January is the month of education, is the association in February, March is one of equality and April month women's health.

For Monica Garcia, Councillor of Social Services and Women, made a detailed description of each of the activities and workshops scheduled and that "based on the methodology applied to cross the development of equality plans and through which we have implicated Most areas of this Municipality, we have developed a Directory of Activities to be shelling monthly major social issues that we consider of importance to women.

Some of them will be treated in general, allowing us to work many concepts and a variety of topics.

Others, given the importance, will be discussed more specifically. "

"We had a plan in response to each of the months of the year and the most important dates for the United Nations noted in each of those months.

This leads us to predict well in advance of that item we will work in a particular month, which will facilitate our work, as will be planned annually. "

To end said it is important to note that "this is an open project which will integrate other activities (workshops, programs, etc.) Regardless of the month in which we find ourselves."

Teresa Moreno, director of the Institute of Women of the Region of Murcia, commended the work done by the area of Women in the City, "without doubt, is one of the most important and ambitious of which are developed in our region, it collaborate and we are always open to enhance the activities carried out.

I have to emphasize the importance of implant in Sewer Service Center to eradicate gender violence, but opening up other opportunities for reconciling work of families and particularly women, with the construction of a childcare center that will soon be Sewer built in through the Ministry of Social Policy. "



Given the date of January 28, Santo Tomas de Aquino pattern Centres and Secondary Schools and Colleges, attach to the month in January of Education.

Education is a process of socialization and enculturation of individuals through which to develop physical and intellectual capacities, skills, study skills and ways of behaving ordered with a social purpose.

But the term education refers mainly to the influence on a person to train and develop several complementary levels.

Is an essential ingredient in human life and society.

Education is what conveys the culture can evolve.


Through workshops, seminars, courses, etc..

as "Guidelines and Limitations on children", "Co-education workshops, etc.., we intend to:

Encourage the process of creative imagination, the forms of expression and of verbal and graphic communication.

Promote the sustainable socio affective and ethical values.

Encourage healthy social integration and group living.

Strengthen the link between the school and family.

And addressing inequalities prevent physical, psychological and social differences arising in biological, nutritional, environmental and family, etc.


We propose the theme of partnership in this month which does not stand out on 20 as the International Day for Social Justice.

The association is to organize and plan the actions reflected upon by a group of people, who are constituted as an association, to improve the quality of life of people in your neighborhood, city, village, and the struggle for social justice.

Assuming that the transformation of reality can be carried out through social participation, is considered more efficient channel in order to improve the public space, we must also recognize the role of associations in the fight for Justice Social.

This is why this month we intend to encourage women to become partners and agents of change contributing to the creation of a world in which everyone should enjoy better health and greater opportunities.


It is intended to hold workshops for women to participate actively in the social fabric, to launch initiatives to participate in or lead associative processes.


Awareness of the importance of social participation and the important role of women in processes of social transformation and democratic consolidation.

Understand mechanisms and channels of participation.

Volunteerism and partnerships.

Discover the possibilities of free time.

Knowing the basic methodology of partnership working: non-formal education, planning, teamwork and networking.

Encourage active participation, teamwork and personal skills for interpersonal communication, creativity, conflict resolution.

Efforts will be made to inform and educate about:

Social Participation, Education and Socio.

Associations: importance in the social fabric, setting up an association, finding resources, basic legal issues.

Methodology of work within partnerships and personal skills for working in partnership and participation.

Tools and social resources for participation and development of associations.


As the March 8 International Women's Day Worker and 21 March, International Day of Racial Discrimination, we match this month, the important issue of equality.

It is important to ensure fundamental rights of all persons and to combat inequalities that have historically been subject to certain sectors of the population (women, disabled, ethnic minorities, etc.) Conditions of oppression and injustice.

The society promotes individualism and feeds on inequality.

In this situation, fostering a sense of equality is essential to make a plural society, rich in positive attitudes, respect and tolerance.


Therefore proposed for the week of March 8, a series of activities designed to reflect equal opportunities in women's human rights.

To do so will schedule a series of workshops, activities, courses, retreats, etc.., For full participation, on equal terms, women in civil, economic, social, cultural and political, and eradication of all forms discrimination.


We propose the issue of women's health for the month in which notes on 7 April, World Health Day and to coincide with the Health Fair organized from the City Council.

Throughout her life, she meets specific health problems of its biology and role in society.

A full and healthy life includes physical, emotional, social and cultural.

Women are often caregivers for their spouses, children and parents, and they forget their own health.

The women's health month of opportunity for all women to protect their health through action.


It would be encouraging women to make their health a top priority and take simple steps to living a longer, healthier and happier.

It will work to educate women about steps they can take to improve their health and prevent disease or know certain features of the biology of women to understand and get a more positive perception.

Topics will include physical health, mental health, menopause, pregnancy, family planning, osteoporosis, lifestyle, environment, disease prevention, chronic diseases, etc.

both through lectures, seminars, workshops, and editing information material (brochures, diptych, etc.).


1 May Labour Day.

The date is celebrated International Workers' Day worldwide, in tribute to all men and women serving with an essential rule of life, with anonymous efforts in the various activities, making your daily work, strengthen spirit, build character, and feeling worthy to family and the society it serves.

Anyone in the world should be able to lead a decent life and have covered their basic needs.

Employment is a crucial factor to achieve this, all citizens have the right to work, since work is the most important and productive human being.


To organize training courses on professional skills necessary for improved job performance (Patient care, documentation, health care hospital admissions, child carer, animator / a for patients in hospital, first aid, nutrition and dietetics, techniques mobilization of dependents, office receptionist, quality customer service, marketing and advertising, sales, shop, etc.).

Workshops on job search techniques.

Workshops to raise awareness of labor market trends, reporting on the various job search channels, the techniques used in the selection process, etc.


We agree this issue in June, as it highlights the day 5 as World Environment Day.

Also indicate that on 11 of this month is the Day of Desertification and Drought.


environment is, above all, education for action.

Involved increasing knowledge and awareness of the impacts of human activity on the environment, but with the ultimate goal of improving the capabilities of individuals so they can contribute to solving various environmental problems surrounding it.

The objective set of environmental education is to see how our perspectives on the facts and events on the environment, determine our actions and decisions.

It is an approach to the reality of our natural and ethnographic to promote their understanding and encourage change in attitudes that promote their respect or preservation (noise, cont. Air, etc.).

We propose this issue aimed at women by the noteworthy aspect that has to do with the role it plays in the domestic sphere.

The woman is still, in most cases, responsible for many household chores, especially those related to what we might call "the kitchen space."

It is therefore important to be well educated and informed on environmental issues such as energy conservation, waste recycling, use of non-polluting cleaning products, etc.

Also highlight the role of educator and transmitter of values to your family, children, etc., Which will transmit these values to make green to help preserve the environment to any home.


Conduct educational and awareness activities related to urban environmental and natural in our municipality.

Educational or awareness activities and environmental information (the recycling workshops, guided tours, etc.).

To achieve this, we intend to sensitize and educate through campaigns, initiatives, workshops, excursions and outings, activities, conferences, etc.


Month devoted to break both physically and mentally, regardless of any date highlighted by the UN.

Mentally, the relaxation has many benefits: We are not only cleared, but allows us to think more clearly and more creatively, since the relax, activate both hemispheres of the brain.

It causes a feeling of peace and quiet that lasts throughout the day.

Moreover, these benefits are cumulative and evolutionary: a more relaxed, more calm.

Relaxation techniques are particularly suited in psychosomatic disorders, and in any alterations in the anxiety or distress is causing functional disorders.

As a habit may be indicated for the majority of the population in all stressful situations of daily life such as exams, job stress, troubled relationships, etc.

Relaxation is much more, is a state of consciousness that seeks to voluntarily and freely in order to receive the highest levels that can reach a human being, calmness, peace, happiness, joy.


Schedule activities that support the physical rest and metal: Tai Chi, yoga, meditation, relaxation techniques, self-massage techniques, etc.


Since there is no date set for this month, and coincide with the holiday month for excellence, we want to devote to leisure.

When we use the time off creatively, developing skills, encouraging personal balance and enrich our experience, we are filling our lives and giving content to the leisure dimension of personal enrichment, therefore, leisure would become something like the time free use to do what we like and for personal growth

So, when talking about leisure, we differentiate these two terms.

Leisure is part of our free time we choose.

We use freely to enjoy, grow and enrich ourselves as human beings.


Schedule activities that fit into the summer: aquaerobic, swimming, theater, film, crafts, painting, scheduled visits to castles, museums (general tours, etc.).


September 8 is International Literacy Day.

Literacy is the ability to use text to communicate through space and time .

It often reduces the ability to read and write, or sometimes just to read.

Some other skills such as computer or the rudiments of calculating basic arithmetic can also be included.

Source: Ayuntamiento de Alcantarilla

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